Brunch Cocktails in Chicago - Rockit Burger Bar Wrigleyville

Enjoy Cheese? Then Enjoy Rockit Burger Bar’s Bloody Mary

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Shaken or stirred? On the rocks or neat? With Parmesan or bleu? To the delight of fromage fanatics everywhere, bartenders around the country have started mixing up cheese-laced cocktails that range from sweet to savory. As toppings, on the rim, or as garnishes, a broad variety of cheese has been showing up on mixologists’ menus.

To create this cut-above Bloody Mary, the team infuses vodka with bacon and/or horseradish, which they stir into house-made tomato juice mix. The brunch-y beverage is finished off with a Parmesan-cayenne crust on the rim to add a nice kick to every sip.

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