Chef Amanda Downing on WGN Radio Dane Neal Show

Chef Amanda Downing, the executive chef at Rockit Burger Bar, joined WGN’s Dane Neal show to discuss summer grub and Rockit Bar and Grill’s 11th Annual BurgerFest.

Amanda told Neal that sh’es been a chef at Rockit since Rockit Bar & Grill opened in 2004, and she moved to the position of head chef 4 or 5 years ago. Neal described how great Rockit’s location is right now especially with the Cub’s successful season so far.

Stating Monday May 16 through Friday May 20th BurgerFest, Rockit take advantage of their creativity and burger skills to create deleicious burger combinations using over the top ingredients and different meats than a typical burger. Downing told Neal that sometimes what is ordered the most will get added to the menu. Rockit’s signature burger, the Rockit Burger was a BurgerFest item before it became part of Rockit’s daily line up. The Rockit Burger has Waygu Kobe beef, brie cheese fried shallots, and aioli on a red onion brioche bun.

Neal said that Turkey Burgers are usually when you skimp out on getting a regular burger and asked Downing how a turkey burger could be spiced up. Downing gave her answer to the “boring turkey burger” in the form of Rockit Burger Fest Burger, the “Bring Back Thanksgiving.” Featuring ground turkey with light and dark meat add some scallions, a little siracha, get some more flavor in the patty, the Bring Back Thanksgiving, is loaded with stuffing and gravy, even a little toasted marshmallow fluff on top, so all the elements of thanksgiving on one turkey burger.

They also discussed Rockit’s Mac Attack Burger that featured 4 cheese mac and cheese breaded and deep fried buns.

Visit Rockit Burger Bar and Rockit Bar & Grill to try these and other crazy burger creations for BurgerFest.