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Thrillist: What Your Wrigleyville Bar Says About You


Welp. It happened. The Cubs are in the middle of the NLCS. Maybe you heard about it. And maybe you didn’t have time to sell a kidney so you could land a ticket?

No problem! As you may know, there are many, many bars in the general vicinity where you can still feel like part of the action. And believe it or not, the one you frequent reveals almost everything about you as a person. It’s science.

Editor’s Note: This is all in good fun and actually only semi-scientific. Nothing but love to everyone braving (and living in) Wrigleyville tonight. Have fun, stay safe, and go Cubs!

Rockit Burger Bar

You seldom travel north of Division — or even leave River North, for that matter — so coming ALL the way up to Wrigleyville is always a bit frighten– HEY DID YOU KNOW ROCKIT HAD A LOCATION UP HERE!?

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